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Friday, July 22, 2011


Got home to Denmark, just in time for Matas' summer sale! :)

Boght these 4 beauties, only the Rimmel's were on sale, though. 
Thought The two gosh polishes were so pretty, needed them too! :)

From the left they are called
Gosh - Silver, Gosh mini - Pink Red, Rimmel - Pop Rose, Rimmel - Sorbet So Good

Can't wait to try them one!

My Private Jet has been on my wishing list for some time now, and when I saw it on sale.. Do I even need to ninish that sentence? :)

Found these two in Randers, a store called Sinnerup. These were both 1/2 price, 62,50 each. Pretty expensive still, I think, but still.. Sale and OPI just doesn't come together very often 

What do you think, is 62,50 (about )

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