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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Geeky math nails

Today I did a mani inspired by fractals, a topic we learned about on a Math Camp - one week just before I went to Milan :)
This is the first mani I've done with a small brush, not just the one from the lacquers. The brush is a single-use brush, the ones that's used when you can get a make-up in a store. I think it was actually for eye liner, but who cares, it worked brilliantly ;)
With thumb mattified 

For those who can't see or don't know what it' supposed to look like: the thumb is Kochs' snowflake, index is pi, middle is the Sierpinski triangle, ring is the Mandelbrot set and the pinkie contains Greek letters: alpha, beta, omega, lambda and rho.
Before the ring finger got extra effects ;)
I think I tried with 'a step' too much on this one, if you understand what I mean. I tried to make spikes so it would be like step four on the background paper, but I think I should have stopped at step three. Sadly I didn't get a picture before I ruined it.

Probably the prettiest pi sign I've ever made. Normally I just screw it up. Proud ;)

A simplified version of the Sierpinski triangle

Before I filled it out :)

A simplified version of the Mandelbrot set with colour effects ;)

Comparison with 'the real deal'
Pinkie with alpha, beta, omega, lambda and rho next to the Mandelbrot set before colour effects

The stuff I used to make this mani: my mixing palette aka my calender, a small brush, nail polish thinner so the polish was easier to work with on the brush and didn't get too thick too fast and polishes: Kiko: no. 333, 235, 240 & 296, Depend: no. unknown(the red one), 34 & 247(I think), Gosh: 600 Matt Effect Top Coat & Special Edition 001 Lavender Love, Barry M: 302 Fuchia, Rival de Loop: no. 30 & La Femme Beauty: 133 Ultra Magents

While I was doing this mani I managed to break my brand new glass nail file :'(

Anyway, what do you think?
And of course, enjoy your holiday :)


  1. Wauw synes det hele ser vildt flot ud! Også snefnuggen :) har du lavet det hele i frihånd?

  2. Fractals + nail art = beyond awesome! You did a wonderful job :-)

  3. Mange tak Theresa! Jep det har jeg :)

    Exactly Erythropolish ;) Thanks a lot! :)