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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Crack my polish

This is the first time i've ever used one of my crack polishes.
I bought three when I was in Ankara, all of them from the brand Pastel. The colors were black, as you see in the pictures, white and silver.
I must admit, I wasn't to fond of crack polishes in the first place, I thought it made a mani look messy.
Anyway, I think this turned out pretty neat, probably due to the two-color underneath.

I've used Pastel - Black crack polish, China Glaze - Re-fresh mint and Sally Hansen - Fairy teal


  1. It crackles very well, and it is a nice result :) Another idea is to add a very fine glitter (like China Glaze Fairy Dust or similar) over the chosen base colors, that really adds extra sparkle :)

  2. Thank you Maria :)

    I will try to add some glitter the next time, it sounds nice!

    Thanks for reading <3

  3. If you want to, you could search for this "China Glaze Black Mesh Crackle Glaze over 4 colors/farver + glitter" on my blog.
    I read all the blog updates on my blog roll, and you are on it :)

  4. Oh, that sounds nice. From now on, you're on our blogroll as well :)
    I just saw your blogpost, and loved it! Have to try it out some day, thanks for sharing. :)