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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

It must be time for my debut post on this blog :)

So, you must have heard the exiting news of Stines' and my blog getting together for a period.
So I think it's time for my first post on Stines' blog. This post has been a few days delayed because of laziness(it must be the sun and holiday) but here it is ;)
On Sunday I was shopping and I accidentally unintentionally bought 5 lacquers, uups.
Anyway, they were really cheap so I thought it was okay.
From left to right: H&M - Blue Wave, H&M - Sea Pearl, H&M - Ocean Sand, Gosh - 548 Green Hawaii, Gosh - 546 Rainbow
The H&M lacquers contain 11 mL and I got them for only 10 kr each(about £1,2 or $1,9) and I got the Gosh for only 15 kr each(about £1,8 or $2,8) and I'm very happy about that. I also bought Rainbow for Stine :)
Blue Wave is a baby blue lacquer with shimmer in blue and purple, Sea Pearl also contains shimmer. It's hard to see if it's holographic or just pink/peach, I'm gonna have to find out when I try it on. Ocean Sand is a brown base with silver shimmer. Green Hawaii is a fresh green with holo glitter in all of the rainbows' colours and at last but not least Rainbow is a flakie which shines mostly in orange nuances.
Blurry photo of Green Hawaii to see some of the amazing glitter
 I had to try Green Hawaii out immediately :)
Again blurry to see the effect

With matte top coat on my ring finger and pinkie
I hope you are enjoying your holiday :D


  1. Hej søde dejlige Katrine.
    Har du kun Green Hawaii på, eller er der en base ?
    Kan slet ikke vente med at få den prøvet på, er så glad for at jeg tog den med ! :)

  2. uhh hvor kunne du finde rainbow henne?

  3. Hey søde Stine
    I øjeblikket bruger jeg Sally Hansen Miracle Nail Thickener som base coat i et desperat forsøg på at få tykkere/stærkere negle :)
    Den er også bare super fin! :)

    Hej Line
    Jeg fandt den i Esthetique på Fisketorvet for kun 15 kr. De havde et ret stort udvalg af Gosh varer til 15 kroner stykket - 8 for 100 kr :)