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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Inspired mani

This mani is inspired by Sommersjov, translated into something like summerfun. It's an event we have every year in the swimming club where I teach kids how to swim.
It's like a 3 day summercamp, just without the sleepovers.
Every year we have a 1 day trip, of course to Bonbon land.
I got inspired by this and came up with this mani..
The orange color is our "club color" very bright but also extremly practical when you are 55-70 kids on such a big area. :)

Me and my "pretty" orange tshirt

Thumbs up!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Rosie & Roses nr. 406

Discount polish of the day is 406 from Rosie & Roses.
It's a new brand that they have just started trading in Message.
The bottle looks exactly like the ones from Pieces, I wonder if thy come from the same place? 
-probably, they even cost the same ! Got 3 for 50 kr, one for 20 in the Message store in Fields.

This color is nice, it has a little shimmer in it and changes a little depending on the light around you.

This one gets a 4. 
On the pictures i'm wearing 2 coats - as always ;)

Sorry this way too bright picture, was trying to catch some of the shimmer in the bottle :)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Depend nr. 47

In advance I want to apologize for the following pictures.
I took them with my phone a while ago, and thought I would finally use them.
Discount polish of the day is nr. 47 from Depend. 
It's this silver glitter that you see in the bottle on the very last picture.

The polish is all about this solver glitter, and it's nice. But i miss some, I don't know, something in it.
I know this is a discount polish, but for a silver glitter it disappoints me a bit.
This one gets a 4 for being pretty, but nothing more than pretty.

Saturday, June 25, 2011


Am on the train. Been in my seat for 2 hours, and will be here for additional 1 1/2 hour. My behind starts to hurt and so is my back. Lovely!
Well, I've got my mac and some headphones. And the person sitting next to me has this gorgeous king charles something spaniel in her bag on the floor. Veeery cute dog ! <3

I was checking out nail blogs and found this giveaway at Orlica's. Thought i'd share it with you just in case you wanted to enter it. And also to get myself a extra +1 ;)

Was looking - by the way for some nail art contests. Share it with me if you know any that are open for entries, thought it might be fun to enter one some day :)

That's all people, hope you aren't all to bored with this time-killing post.

Depend nr. 162

Discount polish of the day is yet again from Depend. This time it's purple with some really nice silver shimmer.
I really like this one, especially because it isn't rough on the top, but just smooth and lovely.
I was at my boyfriends baby-nephew today and he really liked it too, he almost eate my fingers, I take that as if he likes the color, lol :)
This one gets a great big 5 for being eatable and nice! 

Friday, June 24, 2011

Depend nr. 009

Discount polish of the day is yet again from Depend.
This one I would call a kind of peachy thing.
That's about the only good thing I have to say about this polish.
It really doesn't look good for my skin tone, i don't really like it. If it had been just a bit more orange, than okay, but not like this, no.
It has got a little shimmer in it and looks relatively nice in the sun.
No more trash talk about this polish, let's "get down to business"
This one gets a 2. I'm not having a bad day, my skin tone is ;)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Nail art pen design - my very first!

I was going to attend to a babtism, here are the nails I did for it.
First time to use my nail art pens!
I was inspired by this design made by Xenia.
I think it worked out just fine, am very happy with the result ! :)

For this design I used 
Wet n wild - break the ice as pictured above
Two way nail art pens, pink and yellow

Depend nr. 134

The discount polish of the day is from the brand Depend. Depend doesn't name their polishes, just gives them numbers. This is number 134, a green glitter/metallic polish.
I love this color, it practically shines in daylight and lights up your day. 
In the pictures i'm as always wearing 2 coats. 
It covers up pretty neat I think, considering it only costs what, 25 kroner?
Though it is a mini, and therefore you don't get that much for your money, only pure beauty, who doesn't want that ;)

This one is going to have a great big 5 for making my mood way much better! :)

Look at how it sparkes! Amazing! Would wish though that Depend also made holo's, would be awesome! 

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Milani #19 Breezy

The discount polish of the day is this blue breezy one from Milani.

On the first couple of pictures i'm only wearing 2 coats, picture number 3 i'm wearing 3 coats. Haha. Joke aside, or what it's called :)
Once it finally covered the nail it was really pretty, but nothing special. 
I think it needs something to make it to a 5, so i'm giving it a big 4!

I was going to join some friends waking up a friend on her birthday with presents and breakfast, singing and shouting in her bedroom, so thought she needed a flag or two. Am not very satisfied with the result, but am new at nail art pens so I think it will be better over time. Hopefully.
By the way, she was happy that we were there in spite of all the noise at 7 am :)

Monday, June 20, 2011

Milani #1 Hottest Pink

 I'm wondering if any brand has a polish by this name, or it's just so last century. 
I love this color, it reminds me of my long gone barbie dolls and their bright pink dresses.
On the pictures i'm wearing 2 coats, which is pretty amazing, because the polish seem to be very thin.
It does cover up very well, and the color, oh i really love it! Though I changed it pretty quick because was going to attend in a very "grown up meeting" with my new boss. 
Is it just me being silly and immature, or do you guys think about which signals your polish of the days is sending too?

This barbie polish definatly deserves a 5 for being awesome and childish! :)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Tiger nr. 22

Discount polish of the day is this peachy looking cream polish from Tiger.
On the pictures i'm wearing 2 coats.
The consistency is pretty nice, very easy to apply. The bruch however is too long i think, it's bended in this odd way, very difficult to explain :) Though this did make it more easy to apply it. Odd :)
The color is fresh and pretty summer-like.
It doesn't blow my mind, but it's ok. 
This one gets a 4. 

I took the pictures in the afternoon, hence the light. :)

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Tiger nr. 29

Discount polish of the day is from Tiger, a store where pretty much anything costs 10 or 20 kroner. Pretty nice! :)
Though, their polishes smell really really bad. Including this one. 
Allthough it smells awful it's pretty nice in it's consistency. 
The color is not in any way impressing - or I wasn't impressed.
Therefore this one gets a 3. Something in the middle of everything, absolutely not amazing, but not awful. That is- if you dont breathe within 24 hours :)

Friday, June 17, 2011

La Femme Beauty Bal

The discount polish of the day is called bal. Whether this is danish and refers to "dance" or like I don't know. Pretty odd. Just like the polish.
This polish is so thick, it's almost impossible to get nice and smooth. Therefore the thick layers (two) -hence the incredible amount of annoying bubbles.
Really I can't find anything nice to say about this polish, so i'll just stop talking.
This polish will get a lousy 2.