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It's all about us!

Polish is a little fetish of mine - or that's what my friends call it.
That's the reason why the blog is all about that. I love reading other blogs about polish and get very inspired from it.
Now i'm hoping that I can join the community and perhaps inspire others as well. Would be awesome !

At first I was actually against bloggin, because I found it narcisistic only writing about yourself and how cool you are. Then I realized that crazy many people are doing it. I tried it out, enjoyed it, and am now bloggin' too, and I love it! :)

Love Stine

Hello there!
I think I might be a polish addict. I do know that I loove polish and to make crazy colourful manis, and I own kind of a lot of polishes :b
Stine, my blog partner, was the one who dragged me in to the polish-blogging universe - okay, she introduced it and proposed that I made a polish blog and then I jumped my self ;)
Anyway, I want to share my manis with people who are interested and I hope somebody is.
Please write me a comment if you have an idea for my next mani :) 

-There is a big chance I'll do it
Love Katrine