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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Shopping my ass off! :)

Mr. Boyfriend now officially thinks i'm a freak.
I don't really care, cause see what I've got!!
Shopping from Spain and Portugal, I bought
From the right:

Love yes nail art pens
Easy Paris Cosmetics

Further info beneath the pictures, enjoy! :)

Essie we (hopefully) all know, these are 
Protein Base Coat 
Topcoat -Good To Go! 
and the holographic Carnival
These were 10,25 for the Good To Go, the two others were 8,80 € each

Maybelline, I bought these two (same color I think) because I had an idea for a summer mani with- and without shimmer

These are as you can see
Peach Cocktail
Urban Coral
These were 3,60 € each

Got these 3 in a chinese store in Barcelona with insanely much stuff! Everything low priced and looking discount-like.
I don't really remember, but think I paid about 1 € for each one.

Kiko is a italian brand, sold various places in Europe, including Spain (were I got it) Germany, France, Portugal and Italy
I got these in a Kiko store, the concept is a lot like ELF, cool cosmetics on a very affordable budget!
I could only find theis website in italian, so bare with the names that follow :)
270 - Palliettes Acqua Sparkle T.
247 - Fuchsia Microglitter
246 - Mirtillo Rosso Scuro Microglitter
269 - Giallo Microglitter
298 - Turchese Microglitter
342 - Verde Acqua
343 - Verde Primavera
Each 2,50 €  

This one from Casuelle, no. 16 I primary bought because of the barbiedoll like bottle. I think it's SO cute! I bought this one in a store called Ale-Hop in Lossabon, kind of like the danish Tiger storechain. Budget stuff all over! :)
-Think this was about 1,50 €

These I bought in a small supermarket, thought they were nice!
The brand is from the german company Interco Cosmetics.
About 1 € each, don't remember the exact price
Can't find out what these are called, maybe 33 and 52..? 

Aaah, essence there you were!
Found a beautystore called Júlia, loaded with essence products, smiling all the way to the cashier!
The top ones are their new nail art pens, called
 09- Mysterious Black 
10 - More than Silver
04 - Pink !

76 - Cool and the Gang
11 - Catwalk Pink
01 - It's Purplicious
07 - Blair
06 - Edward

nail art pens each 1,99 €
polishes each 2,49 € 

Bet you all know about Mavala, I personally love their nail care products! 

126 - Electric Green
171 - Blue Curacao

 5 € each

These I found in Lissabon, tiny chinese store with everything from hats, makeup, food and tools.
The brand is called Easy Paris Cosmetics and these polishes are filled with confetti! It sparkles and glitters, I can't wait to try them on!


Each about 1 €

Cliché is also a brand I found in Lissabon, never heard of it before!
The colors are
Cfu Fstrflad (doesnt make any sense to me, but that is what it says on the bottle)
Each 1,50 € 

Here are the additional stuff I bought on out trip, some essence nail fashion stickers, nail art stickers and some stuff for a perfect french mani.

And of course a image plate!
Am not sure if it is from Konad, it's called m32 and looks like the one from Konad. 
Got to test it some day when I get back to Copenhagen :)

So a lot of polishes, but also insanely cheap polishes!
Have so far tested the Clichés and some of the Kiko's and thought the qualty were just fine.
Love traveling and new stuff!

Did you buy any "foregin" polishes this summer?


  1. OMG de der fra Lissabon! De er godt nok fede, nu vil jeg derned bare for at hente neglelak :-D Glæder mig til at se dem på dine negle - keep me updated ;-)

  2. I will :) Nogen bestemte i tankerne? Der er temmelig mange fra Lissabon ;)

  3. Ej undskyld dumme mig haha :-D det er de der tre runde flasker med de store glimmer/glitter stykker. Tredje sidste billede ;-)

  4. Årh, det glæder jeg mig til at komme igang med, de er så FINE!! :)