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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Green ombre

Hi everyone!
So today I did my very first ombre.
Actually thought it turned out pretty good :)

The polishes I used are from Cliché, a brand I picked up in Lisboa. The pinky only needed one coat, the ring and middle finger took two and index- and thumb took 3 coats.

I really love that even though this brand seems to be pretty cheap and discount-ish, they still manage to name their polishes. 
Am exited about the hippie one at the right, don't think I've seen that shade any other places, 
have you?

HELP-by the way :)
Does any of you lovely followers know what to do with really dry cuticles? Hand lotion don't seem to be working, let me know what you are using, maybe that will work ..?

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