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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Rosie & Roses nr. 406

Discount polish of the day is 406 from Rosie & Roses.
It's a new brand that they have just started trading in Message.
The bottle looks exactly like the ones from Pieces, I wonder if thy come from the same place? 
-probably, they even cost the same ! Got 3 for 50 kr, one for 20 in the Message store in Fields.

This color is nice, it has a little shimmer in it and changes a little depending on the light around you.

This one gets a 4. 
On the pictures i'm wearing 2 coats - as always ;)

Sorry this way too bright picture, was trying to catch some of the shimmer in the bottle :)

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  1. Super flot blog du har :-)
    Er blevet fast læser, kig forbi..