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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Tiger nr. 03


I've decided to test all of my discount polishes and make a description of every single one of them, including ups- and downsides

In my definition, a discount polish is one that doesn't cost more than 30 kroner. In Denmark! That means that China Glaze polishes that cost 15 kroner in USA, but 79 kroner in Denmark is not - in my definition, a discount polish.

The polishes will recieve a grade between 1 and 5, where 1 is awfully bad and 5 is the top of the (discount) polishes!

NOTD is from Tiger and costed, guess what, 10 kr! Oh wow, thats cheap! This polish, however, is incredible sheer, which is actually kind of nice. 

On the pictures i wear 2 coats, and no topcoat yet.

The downside about this polish, the polishes from Tiger in general is that they STINK! The smell of alcohol - not at all in a good way! The smell dissapears after a day or so, but oh wow, it really stinks!!

On the bottom line this polish recieve a big fat 3, mostly because of the awfull smell. If it were smelling of "normal" polish it might have been peaking at 5.

If the bottom of the bottle is supposed to tilt like this, then I think it's pretty cool and is something that makes the bottles stand out in a good way. If it isn't intentionally however, it's just a mess.
But, let's just pretend it is intentionally, and think it looks cool! :)

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