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Saturday, June 25, 2011


Am on the train. Been in my seat for 2 hours, and will be here for additional 1 1/2 hour. My behind starts to hurt and so is my back. Lovely!
Well, I've got my mac and some headphones. And the person sitting next to me has this gorgeous king charles something spaniel in her bag on the floor. Veeery cute dog ! <3

I was checking out nail blogs and found this giveaway at Orlica's. Thought i'd share it with you just in case you wanted to enter it. And also to get myself a extra +1 ;)

Was looking - by the way for some nail art contests. Share it with me if you know any that are open for entries, thought it might be fun to enter one some day :)

That's all people, hope you aren't all to bored with this time-killing post.

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