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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Milani #19 Breezy

The discount polish of the day is this blue breezy one from Milani.

On the first couple of pictures i'm only wearing 2 coats, picture number 3 i'm wearing 3 coats. Haha. Joke aside, or what it's called :)
Once it finally covered the nail it was really pretty, but nothing special. 
I think it needs something to make it to a 5, so i'm giving it a big 4!

I was going to join some friends waking up a friend on her birthday with presents and breakfast, singing and shouting in her bedroom, so thought she needed a flag or two. Am not very satisfied with the result, but am new at nail art pens so I think it will be better over time. Hopefully.
By the way, she was happy that we were there in spite of all the noise at 7 am :)

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