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Sunday, June 12, 2011

La Femme Beauty 129 Ultra Green

The discount polish of the day is from the brand La Femme Beauty, and is called Ultra Green.
This color is absolutely crazy!
However, when I did my two coats, I noticed the bubbles..
You are able to spot them on the pictures below. What's up with that?

I've read about others having trouble with bubble-polishes, but I've never had the problem my self before, and doesn't know what to do. Help, anyone?

Aside from the bubbles, I think the polish is super nice and has a fantastic color - and it doesn't smell that bad at all! :)
I'vt bought this polish in Føtex for 20 kroner.

In the end this polish will get the grade 4. Without the idiotic bubbles i'm sure it would have peaked at 5.

I kind of like the rose on the bottle, it's pretty. The rest of the bottle looks a little too much like a discount polish, which is a crying shame because the color inside is so pretty ! 


  1. Prøv at lægge tyndere lag. Jeg har hørt, at det hjælper

  2. Aaaah, tak for tippet. Det er simpelthen så irriterende ! :)