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Monday, June 13, 2011

La Femme Beauty Beige

The discount polish of the day is Beige from La Beauty Femme. It's metallic and gorgeous! I think it looks a little like gold..  The consistency is nice, not too thick and not too think. Though I managed to make my layers too thick and look what happened.. Bubbles all over the place!
Really really hate those, it looks kind of alien-like I think. eww!

The grade of the day is no more than 4, bubbles just doesn't get you anywhere..

I added some dots with my dotting tool, now I think the design looks like something that just came out of a safe, really expensive and glittery :)


  1. Cool guld lak:)!!!
    xx Julie

  2. I know, den er superskøn! Ved ikke hvorfor de har kaldt den beige :)