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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Swatching my mums old polishes

I decided to swatch my mums' old polishes. Years ago she told me that I could use them as much as I wanted. 
Now I finally did
 6 of the lacquers are Constance Carroll Diamond Gloss and it surprised me how nice the consistency is after all these years. The colours are called Plum Wine, Sunburst, Sunglow, Copper Dust, Firebird & Ruby Sorbet. They're all redish shimmer polishes and Ruby Sorbet has gold shimmer in it. The last four lacquers are random brands and one of them also had a great consistency while the three others was awful. You can also see this in the pictures.
I'm not really a fan of red/pinkish polishes but some of them were kind of nice :)

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