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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Stars of Paris

This mani I did on the most rainy day this summer!
Literally woke up by the rain hammering on my windows!
Thought i'd fight back by decorating my nails with confetti and stars on a base of rainy colors.
- Of course AFTER eating pancakes for breakfast. 
By the way, what's up with people eating certain stuff when the weather changes? not that I complain or anything, just see some kind of patterin I think :)

Dark blue base: Essence - Cool and the gang, Stars and sequins: Easy Paris Cosmetics - 124 
(Awful, can't remember which polish the light blue one is, sorry guys)

While the rain poured down outside, Mr. Boyfriend (picture) and I were playing cards inside the summer cottage.
Look what I did on his index finger :)

Later that day, when he was off to work I painted some hearts on top of the mani.
Think I just thought i'd had a nice day and got inspired by that :)


  1. Så fik du brugt neglelakken! :-) Det er altså en rigtig fed effekt med de søde stjerner der!

  2. Ja jeg gjorde nemlig så! :) Den er super fed, og en god idé som ingrediens i frankens hvis man laver sådan nogle :)