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Monday, August 8, 2011

Pink in purple disguise

Mani of the day has some serious wow-effect to it!
Even though it's meant for the toes, I applyed it on my fingers, and instantly loved it!
This "pink" but pretty purple polish is loaded with blue shimmer, which makes a pretty cool effect in the daylight. Take a look at this.

Oh, just needed a little sparkle, of course! - Wet n' Wild sparked!

Do you see the effect with the blue shimmer?

Sparkles filled with OPI turns out like this!

Pretty festive!

Festive ring finger with the lovely i think - purple all around it ! :)

Just one more glimpse of the effect. Love love love glitter!
Think I feel like a princess wearing it!

What's your favorite effect, what kind of polish can save your day?

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