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Saturday, August 27, 2011

A bit more manageability in my lacquers

At the moment my lacquers are lying randomly in a big box/case, which makes it pretty hard to see all the colours and find the right lacquer.
To make it easier I got ten display wheels from eBay.
It took a whole day and half a bottle of polish thinner to go through all of my lacquers and paint the wheels.
Wheel 1 to 6  
Wheel 7 to 10. And the picture just wanted to rotate -.-'
Wheel 1: the black and blackish lacquers
Wheel 2: The green lacquers.
Wheel 3: The blue lacquers.
  Wheel 4: The purple lacquers.  
  Wheel 5: The pink, pinkish and red lacquers.  
  Wheel 6: The metallic lacquers, gold, silver, bronze..  
  Wheel 9: The crackle lacquers.  
  Wheel 10: The stamping lacquers and nail art pen.  
  Wheel 8: The turquoise lacquers.  
  Wheel 7: The yellow, orange, brown, white lacquers and flakies.  

A survey of which polishes that are on each wheel :)
This was also the perfect opportunity to count my lacquers so I did. I have 127 coloured lacquers(I've got three of Depends neon yellow) and that includes 5 stamping lacquers and a nail art pen. Besides that I have 10 transparent lacquers, base coats, top coats, you know :) That makes a total of 137 lacquers today :b
I think I'll separate my lacquers into smaller boxes after their brand, now I have my overview.
How do you ladies keep track of your lacquers? :)


  1. I bought wheels and swatched my collection of almost 200 polishes.But as I get new polishes I have to start a new wheel, if the color wheel is already filled up, and i don't like that. I did the exact same thing as you and made a word document and wrote all the names down and labeled them!

  2. Sounds like a lot of work :) Well, if you have 25 blue polished you'll have to have them swatched on two wheels anyway. My plan is to call my second blue wheel 3 as well and just number the colours 17 and up :)