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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Book of polishes

Oh my!
I have been dying to show you guys this!
Look what I'd made!
It's true, a book full of polish!
Normally I'm a huge fan of systems of any kind, but this one is messed up on purpose.

I figued out that either way i'd make a system, wether it'd be certain sides for brands, colors or polish types, it'd be messed up along the way.
If I for say had 2 pages dedicated to china glaze polishes, and then got more CG polishes, i would mess up the system!
Therefore I did this totally untidy system, my system of no system ;)

Before I applied the polishes, I did a line or what you call it, of tape, so that the polishes wouldn't soak the pages. Then I wrote brand and name of the polishes underneath the color.
It really helps me pick out which polishes I want to use when applying new ones!