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Sunday, October 30, 2011


This one is from Deborah Lippmann, it is called wicked.
My dictionary tells me that wicked is the same as evil. 
I'll second that.
On these pictures i'm wearing 2 coats, and it doesn't cover up at all :(
I thing this type of polish is called duo chrome, because it consists of two different metallic shades.

Was going out for the night, for something called a crime tour, here in Copenhagen.
Thought it needed something spooky, and ghosts was the most spooky thing I could come up with :)


  1. its lovely, but looks v similar to OPI Not Like The Movies - is it ?? xx

  2. Hi :)
    Yeah, a bit. though this formula is very thin!
    Would like to try out how many coats it takes for not to be seethrough.
    That will be my next project I think :)

    Sorry for responding so late, hope you'll see this though :)