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Friday, December 9, 2011


Hi everyone.

Having a blog, and wanting it to be updated as frequently as possible was our intention when we started out this project -blogging together.

Unfortunately we must face that we are a wee bit to busy working and studying, and therefore aren't able to keep this promise.

We thought it over and came to a solution:

What about having this blog, and having more people blogging on it?

I see it all over the blog universe, for instance Looklab, Bloggers Delight etc etc.

Only, this will always be on a voluntary basis, no strings attached.

Having this in mind, we are from now on looking for new bloggers!

Whether we will have our own personal sites on the blog, or we will blog together on the same one, we don't know yet. We think it should be a decision we should all make together.

Please comment on this post if you want to blog with us, it could be so awesome!
Whether you guys are here from Denmark or other parts of the world doesn't matter, we'll just skype when we decide on how things are going to be.

We're really looking forward to hear from you fellow addicts out there :)

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